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Salhouse Neighbourhood Plan

The Localism Act (2011) provides for Neighbourhood forums and Parish Councils to establish general planning policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood. These are described legally as 'Neighbourhood Development Plans' and, once approved as complying with appropriate rules and adopted at a referendum, the local planning authority is under a legal duty to bring them into force.

The aim of your Neighbourhood Planning Group, Salhouse 2020+, is to try to ensure that Salhouse remains a thriving rural village retaining its unique village identity, and remains separate from greater Norwich.  It seeks through planned and selective new development and enhancements to facilities for residents and visitors to become and to be maintained as a thriving, village community for people of all ages that is safe and pleasant to live in and that can support its local shop(s), pub, school and a range of other existing and future village assets and businesses now and in perpetuity.

We are considering these objectives

1. The identity of Salhouse is enhanced by inclusion of a village focus - a green, community woodland and/or other facility/facilities

2. The community to become well connected by mobile telecommunication and improved broadband

3. A shop(s) and post office, public house, hairdresser, playing field, play equipment, school and Jubilee hall are all retained and supported to provide a thriving village

4. The village serves all generations with facilities including those for the younger and older residents

5. The majority of land within the parish boundary remains in agricultural use to retain the historic and current identity of the community

6. Planned residential development is allowed on specified sites to enable the key objectives of this plan to be met, with such development appropriate to a non-urban setting, avoiding inappropriate ‘field by field’ development, which has become prevalent throughout the country

7. Planned commercial development is identified to allow the development of appropriate businesses providing jobs and services within Salhouse

8. Key buildings and features important to the village of Salhouse are identified for retention and protection where appropriate for their setting

9. Opportunities for cycle/foot/bridle paths linking key parts of village are investigated for the use of local people and tourists alike

We welcome comment and feedback as we progress – contact can be via Email on, through twitter @salhouse2020 or by contacting the Parish Clerk (Email address

Neighbourhood Plan Documents

Meeting Notes





Neighbourhood Plan as adopted by BDC can be viewed here


Neighbourhood Plan

The NP referendum was held on July 19th with a positive result and has now been adopted.

See attachment for further details



A Referendum on Salhouse Neighbourhood Plan will be held on Wednesday 19th July

See HERE for further details


Neighbourhood Plan Document

This is the pre referendum version of the Neighbourhood Plan.  If approved by the community through a referendum it will become the ‘Adopted Version’.  Further details regarding the referendum to follow.

Pre Referendum Final Version


Neighbourhood Plan

The Independent Examination of the Neighbourhood Plan has now been completed and he has approved the Plan and recommended moving on to the Referendum stage, subject to some clarifying amendments. His report is now with BDC and the Broads Authority for their final approval before we can move to the Referendum which is likely to be in June.

Salhouse Examination Document


Salhouse Neighbourhood Plan

Responses to the Neighbourhood Plan Consultation can be viewed at this location:-

Responses to Salhouse Neighbourhood Plan





Broadland District Council and the Broads Authority have published the proposed Salhouse Neighbourhood Development Plan for public consultation.

Use this link to view the public notice, with details on how to view and comment on the plan.

Also use this link to access the Broadland District Council Neighbourhood Plan page regarding the Salhouse plan.


Salhouse Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Update - The documents were submitted to Broadland District Council and The Broads Authority in early November with a view to them arranging the required consultation as soon as possible. This consultation is now expected to start in the week commencing 9th January with a view to the Independent Examination taking place at the end of February / early March. Assuming that there is a successful Examination and recommendation to go to referendum then, if all goes according to plan, there should be a referendum in April to enable residents to vote on the Plan.

Documents submitted

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

Neighbourhood Plan Submission (draft)

NP Consultation Statement & Appendices
Habitat Regulations Assessment+Appendix

Sustainability Appraisal

Basic Conditions Statement

31st May 2016

The Salhouse Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

This commences 1st June for a period of 6 weeks.
Below are the documents for your inspection and response.

The response forms will need to be printed out for completion.

Salhouse Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Notice

Neighbourhood Plan Pre-submission Draft

Sustainability Appraisal

Neighbourhood Plan & Sustainability Response Form

A WORD version available of the Response Form  upon request from

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

22nd March 2016

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report draft  Document

15th March 2016

2020+ Neighbourhood Plan  Update

26th Jan 2016

2020+ Neighbourhood Plan   OPEN DAY   details

8th Sept 2015

2020+ Neighbourhood Plan Update

10th July 2015

2020+ Neighbourhood Plan Update

5th March 2015

A Neighbourhood Plan OPEN DAY
took place on
Saturday 28th February to enable villagers to discuss and provide ideas about Salhouse Village for the future. At that event information boards were provided detailing a variety of matters for consideration. These are now made available below for your further review.


Salhouse Overview


Sheltered Housing

Our Environment
Communal Facilities


1 Settlement or 2?

10th Oct 2014

Application area of Salhouse Neighbourhood Plan

3rd Aug 2014

Salhouse 2020+ Neighbourhood Plan
Vision for the Future
as circulated with Summer Salhouse Saga

1st May 2014

Initial thoughts on a Vision for Salhouse

Date posted


Meeting Notes 26/1/15


Meeting Notes 29/9/14


Meeting Notes 1/9/14


Meeting Notes  14/7/14


Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Notes 2/6/14

Salhouse Neighbourhood Plan

NP BDC Adopted version  can be seen below under Neighbourhood
Plan Documents